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Don't let your website woes get in the way

Tired of being forced to play small by a never-ending stream of issues with your membership or e-commerce site?

Fed up with trying to cram the square peg of your unique business into the round hole of out-of-the-box website solutions?

I can help with that.

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I'm Megan,

a web developer creating custom solutions to the problems membership & e-commerce entrepreneurs (that’s you!) face on their websites so that they have the tech they need to scale successfully.

(and so that their teams can finally reach customer service inbox zero 🙌🏻)

I wanted someone who would really work together with me and take ownership of all the pieces to really make the vision happen. And I also wanted someone with a lot of experience with membership sites. The results - the site is exactly what we want, and is a huge improvement!! Megan was also really helpful in answering all our questions thoroughly.”
Laura Smith,
Sweet Life Planner Club
Laura Smith, creator of the Sweet Life Planner Club/Sweet Life Society

If you...

  • …are an ambitious, self-made woman in business with a membership, e-commerce, or e-learning experience

  • …are full of wild ideas about how you can serve your audience more effectively

  • …can’t bring said ideas to life because your plans are always foiled by your website

  • …think you just might pull your hair out if one more day of your team’s precious time is wasted on website problems

  • …KNOW you could scale without so many growing pains if ONLY you had a trustworthy website in your business tech stack

…then you owe it to yourself to take five minutes to scroll down this page to see if I’m the code magician you’ve been searching for.

(Your super-successful future self will thank you later 😉)

Can you clone yourself? The only thing I could ask for is more of your time! You do amazing work and communicate your timelines and boundaries so clearly and with such love that I know I'm getting exactly what I expect - I wish I could afford to have you all to myself!”
Irene Hardy,
Former E-Commerce Lead at Cultivate What Matters
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Places You May Have Seen my Development Work

Cultivate What Matters
Inspired Stock Shop
Styled Stock Society

I'm listening...

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You’re the visionary
and the dreamer;
I’m the code whiz that makes those dreams a reality

You’ve got a head (and many notebooks) full of ideas. You know your audience like the back of your hand, and you’ve seen how you can change their lives with your products and services when everything comes together like it should.

Your problem?

Everything comes together smoothly a lot less often than you’d like.

Maybe your specific website woes are obvious—documented by an overflowing customer service inbox and a frazzled team battling tickets. Maybe your website is doing an okay job, but you know with some work the whole experience could be improved for you, your team, and the people you want so badly to help.

You feel powerless, frustrated, and stuck, unable to bring your brilliant ideas to life in a way that does them justice.

You’d love to have a website that supports your mission and helps you get to the next level, but you don’t even know where to find someone with the knowledge to help you get there!

That’s where I come in. ✨

I come back to Megan again and again because I'm a stickler for deadlines and sort of a control freak, and I love her transparency, organization and reliability. I also need somebody that can think out of the box and make creative things happen, and she never fails.”
Katie Saunders, Pop + Grey
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Here’s the thing: I think you should be focusing on what you do best—serving your audience—not the details behind the screen.

MG shield emblem

You’re tired of wading through piles of problems on your website, and so is your team. You’re frustrated to no end by how difficult it is to make all your systems and platforms work together seamlessly, and you just need someone to come in and take care of it already before you pull your hair out!

You know—without a doubt!—that you could help so many more people, or help the people already following you in a more meaningful way…if only you weren’t being held back by inferior technology.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a website that’s like a virtual extension of you and your business. Unique, customized, and fully integrated with all the most important pieces of your tech stack, so that you can tailor your experience perfectly to each individual member or customer based on their actions.

Gets your creative juices flowing, right?

Our club looks much better and has drastically improved functionality. We also now have more control ourselves, and we have a good framework set up for the content to grow. Also, members can find what they're looking for so much more easily. In the end, I really believe it will improve member retention.”
Laura Smith,
Sweet Life Planner Club
Laura Smith, creator of the Sweet Life Planner Club/Sweet Life Society

Okay, tell me more...

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You bring your light – I’ll help youshinebrighter

How it works

  • 01.

    Reach out and talk to me about your website woes. We’ll discuss your options and choose the best one for your unique situation, then get you booked in!

  • 02.

    You sit back and let me work my magic. ✨

  • 03.

    Celebrate getting this massive to-do item off your list and out of your head!

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Ways I can help you:

The Cinderella Treatment

let me be your website fairy godmother!

You remember how Cinderella’s fairy godmother came in and magically fixed up all her biggest problems in a short period of time so she could go to the ball? I can do essentially the same thing for your website! Get an overview of the service by watching my “intensives” Instagram highlight.

Half days available at 50% of full day fee.

Timeline1 day

Custom Project

build the website of your dreams from scratch

Instead of trying to cram the square peg of your business into the round hole of an out-of-the-box website solution, we work together to create something custom that truly meets your unique needs.

The sky is the limit with this option—we can build anything you can dream up!

(ps: for designers looking to collaborate on client sites – see this page)

Timeline8+ weeks

I'm sold!

How do we get started?

Are you ready to
your website from a stumbling block to a step up?

Shake off that feeling of powerlessness, friend. I want to help you help your people in the most impactful way possible. When you’re empowered to create real change in the lives of your customers, scaling will naturally follow.

Filling out the contact form below is your step 1. I’ll take it from there!

Megan, a dark-haired white woman, sits on the floor with a Macbook Pro open in her lap and her hands on the keyboard. She is smiling at the camera.

Bring your dreams to life (once your website gets outta the way)

Let's Chat
What can I do for you?

(PS: Hate filling out forms?
Shoot me an email directly: [email protected])

That's all, folks!

I hope you found what you need on my mini coming-soon website. The full version—with my portfolio, blog, and more—will be launched within the next few months. If you didn’t get the information you need here, use the contact form above to shoot your question over to me, or look me up on Instagram @mngarwood.

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